Week 3 - Identifying Unique Values


  • Values are what you believe matter most in life.


  • Often times we are on auto pilot, living by societal values/rules/norms and that of our family of origin
  • Helps with prioritization
  • Values act as north stars / Values can help us make decisions (what would someone who values x the most do in this situation?)
  • Can help choose career path
  • Increased confidence / sense of self 


  • Write out at least 10 values (things that are most important in your life, guidelines you live by)
  • Notice where these values stem from and if they are YOURS. Do you want to keep them? Notice that you can EDIT this. Add, delete, re order. 
  • Optional now or save for later:
  • Go through list and order in order of most important (the way this is most accurate at this time) (easy way to do this is to compare is joy more important than family? is joy more important than adventure?)
  • Re order values in a way that feels more liberating. Observe how this all relates to one another. Do lower ones depend on upper ones? (For example, I can’t experience joy unless I feel financially secure?). Can we change rules around here?