Week 2- Limiting Beliefs


Two important points:

  1. This framework has the potential to be very empowering and to bring a lot of awareness and clarity. Despite my resistance to it on many accounts, it has helped myself and many others a lot, which is why I bring it here today. AND the framework in and of itself has it's own limits and can fail to account for complexities. I invite you to approach it with openness and curiosity, taking what serves you and leaving the rest.
  2. This is a mindset exercise and as such, it naturally puts a lot of responsibility on the individual. It’s therefore important to note that while we DO have a lot of choice around our own beliefs and mindset and will focus on that within this container, there are many systems of oppression in place that are literally designed to have you internalizing these beliefs. Many beliefs that feel disempowering are not there because we just decided we wanted to feel that way. They are often created as a way to keep us safe. Your safety and need for safety are so valid. Again, in this video, I encourage you to stay open and curious. Use resistance as a road map. If something doesn’t land, that’s ok. Allow this to be messy and complex. We’ll unpack it together with more nuance on our call.

This video with the accompanying work to be done throughout the video will take approximately 40-45 minutes. Please either carve out that time or plan to do it in two parts :)