Week 8- Emotional Regulation


1.-Watch video

2.- Action steps: 

  • Reflect on (ideally in writing) ways in which you are or are not emotionally regulating
  • Healthy coping tools you may want to experiment with 

3.-Listen to audio recording (approximately 8.5 mins)


  • Emotional regulation/disregulation--- One of biggest parts of ADHD for women - we often have strong emotional reactions and feel like we're on an emotional rollercoaster.
  • Misdiagnosed as mood disorders often in women with ADHD
  • Emotional Regulation looks at how we cope

Healthy coping (walking away, talking through things, taking space, etc)

vs. unhealthy (avoiding) drugs, eating disorder, avoiding, etc)

  • Feeling emotions goes against our instincts to avoid pain & most people weren’t taught it's ok to feel our emotions or "show weakness" - emphasis on the quotations.
  • Emotions are energy / bodily sensation - if we don’t intentionally feel it, it will force us to feel it